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MIDI's under construction

MP3's under construction
Sorry the MP3's aren't up just yet, but they will be soon. For now, the reviews are up.

Dimension of Love (English)         
Rating: ++++    
This is the best of the pop/techno songs from Tenchi Muyo I've heard so far. The techno is awesome!!! I love the lyrics, they're so cool! This is Ryoko's song from Tenchi Universe that is only  heard at the end of the last episode. It's not as good compared to Gundam Wing Two-Mix songs, but this song is  still pretty good!

Lonely Moon (English)
Rating: ++          
Another pop/techno song, but its pretty corny. The lyrics are good but the music sounds kinda stupid in some sections. This song is also from Ryoko at the end of one of the OVA series. Dimension of Love is a better song.

Autumn of Life
Rating: +++++
Autumn of Life is so beautiful. ~THIS IS THE BEST SONG!~ definitely! Its a very slow tune and it sounds so sad... It makes me think of a classical song but its made with synthetic electronic instruments -keyboard- with a woman's voice singing in the background- it has no lyrics just " aww"s (I don't know what the style of singing is called!). Its from Tenchi Universe and is played very beautifully during the last few episodes on Jurai while the light is streaming through the Jurain canopy and leaves are swirling in the breeze. Jurai is so beautiful and it deserves a really cool song like this! Highly recommended!

Alchemy of Love (English)
Rating: +
This is pretty bad. I love the lyrics- they are so awesome! But the music and the singing...well... When I saw the lyrics I was expecting a really cool techno song. I'll warn you ahead of time- its not. Its classical in a way but it uses an electric guitar. What bothers me about it is the tune and the singers. Believe it or not the one is a guy, singing really really high. Its origin is from Tenchi Muyo in Love. Curious? Download it, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Recomended sites to find MP3's

Lycos MP3 search. Many of the songs can be found on the web using this engine!
If you can't find it at Lycos, try Maniac Music, a multiple search engine.