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Azaka and Kamidake
  Guardians of the Jurai royal family, Azaka and Kamidake have two different forms, a log or block type of form that is actually a robotic version of the knights with the same names and personalities, and the humanoid form that is typical of Juraians. The knights are the original Azaka and Kamidake who protected the royal family over a thousand years ago. Their robotic counter parts, (the blocks of wood) who were created from them to carry on the job of guardians to the Jurai royal family, are the Azaka and Kamidake that appear in almost all of the episodes. They can be found serving as guardians to Ayeka and entertaining Sasami. The easiest way to distinguish the two is that Kamidake is symbolized with red and Azaka with blue.
    Legend has that two loyal knights of the Jurai royal family will be awakened once again to fight along side the true emperor of Jurai when the dynasty is threatened. They are supposively two of the most powerful Jurain beings after the Emperor. In the episode "No Need for Knights", they are resurrected after the robotic Azaka and Kamidake sacrifice their own energy for them, so they can fight along side Yosho and Tenchi to defeat Kagato. Not much is known of Azaka and Kamidake from their short debue in the last four episodes of Tenchi Universe, except  that they are very kind, caring, and stand noblely for good. At the end of the saga they continue living their lives like normal human (or Jurian) beings, and the robots, Azaka and Kamidake are revitalized thanks to one of Washu's inventions. Infact, the knight, Azaka, now enjoys playing video games with Sasami, as he and Kamidake still watch over the Jurai royal family.

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