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  Appearing only in the Tenchi Muyo OVA, her human form looks like an older version of Sasami. Tsunami is actually the flagship and power of Jurai. She is alot like Ryo-ohki, who has an animal form and then transforms into a space ship and plays the role as its onboard computer/control system. Tsunami is also the 0th generation tree, the source of all Jurai trees of power and will. With Jurain trees, each generation contains less power, so she is the most powerful among generations. In the Tenchi Muyo series, Sasami tells the story of her deepest secret. When she was very young, she wandered off in the palace, unaware that Jurai was currently under attack. In the midst of the chaos, she falls off the edge of a walk way after a blast rocks the palace. Below, her body lays limp while Tsunami uses her energy to bring Sasami back to life, giving Sasami part of herself. When Sasami grows to be an adult she will look just like Tsunami.

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