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Yosho/ Grandfather
     Tenchi's Grandfather on his mother's side, Yosho, or more commonly known as Grandfather is wise and good natured. The keeper of the Masaki shrine,where he spends most of the day, keeps his grandson buisy with chores while Tenchi's not at school. Granfather is highly respected and admired by everyone in the Masaki household. But Grandfather isn't just a priest of the Masaki shrine,.... there's more to him then meets the eye....
     There's an old Jurai story of a Prince named Yosho who was an excellent swordsman who mysteriously disappeared. After Ayeka is accused of treason to Jurai, it is learned that there is a new Emporer, Yosho, who has returned to claim his position as rightful ahire to the throne. Of course, the real Yosho knows this is not true, and Ayeka, Tenchi, Kiyone, Grandfather and others fight there way to Jurai to try to clear things up. What they don't realize is how complex and difficult the task may be and how many secrets lay behind it.  

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