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Kiyone Makibi
     Once a highly respected and sucessful Galaxy Police Officer, Kiyone was the last to arrive on earth to rescue her partner Mihoshi (which she has dreaded). Her career went down the tube when Mihoshi became her partner. Kiyone's only wish is to get away from Mihoshi so she can have a descent life once again. Once a very sucessful and well-known detective and now reduced to a resident officer to a remote system (on which earth is located) she and Mihoshi have to work several part-time jobs to pay the rent for their small apartment. They never seem to be able to keep a job because of Mihoshi, who always seems to mess something up and get them both fired.
  Kiyone is mature and usually good natured when not around Mihoshi. Sensible, and hard-working, she is dependable and honest. Unlike most of the women in the household, she is not  in love with Tenchi and is seen as more of a career girl.

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