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     Ryoko's living spaceship, Ryo-Ohki, is a cat-rabbit animal called a cabbit. Her mother was Ryoko's first space ship. But when the original Ryo-Ohki crashed down to earth along with Ayeka's ship, it was destroyed. Following the incident, Ryoko found Ryo-Ohki's egg that was in the wreckage at the bottom of the lake where the ship crashed. Ryoko of course, said it was her child to Tenchi which caused some confusion for a while and got Ayeka and Tenchi upset.
     Ryo-Ohki loves carrots. Her best buddy, Sasami, gave Ryo-Ohki her first carrot when she was born and now she's nuts over them which causes alot of problems for everyone sometimes. Lets just say she'll do anything for a carrot and will eat all the carrots she can get. The most amazing thing about Ryo-Ohki is that one moment she's a cute little cuddly cabbit, and the next a mean fighting machine when she transforms into the space ship Ryo-Ohki.

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