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Princess Sasami Jurai
     The little sister of Ayeka and second royal princess of Jurai Sasami is kind, caring and innocent. She was the forth to join the house hold. Although young, she alone cooks for the big "family" to show her appreciation to the Masakis, and she's a very good cook too. Sasami came to earth in search of her sister, Ayeka, who she came to rescue. Her friendship with Ryo-Ohki grew and as Sasami and Ayeka were departing for Jurai, Ryo-Ohki crashed into Sasami's ship after seeing Sasami with a carrot in her hand over the viewing screen.
     Sasami and Tenchi become good buddies in the series which makes Ryoko and Ayeka jealous when Tenchi's attention is drawn from them to Sasami. She is the type who anyone can get along with. Infact Ryo-Ohki can be found with Sasami in just about every episode even though Ryoko is her true master. Her playmates also consist of the "blocks of wood", Azaka and Kamidake. Later in the series, the Jurain knight Azaka, took Sasami as his master to teach him to play virtual fighting video games.  

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