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    Rival of Ayeka, Ryoko is a ruthless space pirate with a bad attitude. Mean and selfish at times, she does show a softer side towards Tenchi. Ryoko was the first to become part of the Masaki household. She crash landed on Earth after being chased by Galaxy Police Officer Mihoshi Kuramitsu. Tenchi while on his way to school one morning, witnesses Ryoko's ship, Ryo-Ohki, crash nearby, finds her, and helps Ryoko regain consiousness. Adapting to the situtation, Ryoko posses as an innocent woman trying to escape a space pirate (who is actually Mihoshi) and invites herself into Tenchi's family. Later it is revealed that Mihoshi is really a first class detective of the Galaxy Police after the wanted space pirate Ryoko. Unfortunately for Mihoshi, she was trapped on Earth, unable to capture Ryoko.

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