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Princess Ayeka Jurai
     The first crown princess of Jurai and the third to join the Masaki house hold, she and her faithful guardians Azaka and Kamidake, arrived on earth in response to Mihoshi's distress signal. There she found Ryoko, her arch enemy, and Tenchi, who she soon feel in love with. Soon its apparent that Tenchi also feels the same way about Ayeka, especially through the first two episodes that she was introduced. Of course Ryoko is clearly annoyed because she is also in love with Tenchi, attempts a duel with Ayeka above earth in their space ships and both end up crashing down to earth together into the lake near the Masaki home. Sasami, Ayeka's little sister comes to her rescue only to end up like Ayeka and Mihoshi, morooned on earth.
     Ayeka is a refined (most of the time, Ryoko can get her really fired up) daughter of royalty. Whinny and somewhat immature in the earlier episodes, she developes a more mature attitude throughout the series.

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