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Tenchi Masaki
     The main character of the Tenchi Muyo saga, Tenchi is a kind and caring guy who fights for the good of the cause and helps those in need. Being the "perfect guy" in many of the other young ladies' eyes in his household (they sort of moved in), and is tormented by their constant fighting over him, especially Ayeka and Ryoko. Basically he never gets a moment of peace since they never seem to leave him alone. Tenchi lives out in the country where his grandfather (also called Yosho) takes care of the Masaki shrine. He lives with his father and grandfather (his mother died when he was very young) and the various others who decided to move in. Later in the series he learns of his true destiny....
     Tenchi has a good reputation for being very kind. Throughout the series Sasami and Tenchi seem to bond in a sister/ brother kind of way with Sasami taking the role of his little sis. It is also evident that several times he shows feelings for Ayeka and Ryoko.