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A Summer Vacation Gone Wrong

By RaichuGirl

What happened: Charmander met Ayeka and is now clinging to a tree

Disclaimer: I don't not own Tenchi Muyo, and the Cool Dogs were my idea, so if you want to use them (fat chance) ask me first.


Chapter 4: Sneasel-A Battle Won

Charmander is still on the tree, and Sneasel is.......well, doing nothing.

Sneasel: "Can......May I go out yet, Raichu? Please, she's right there!"

The "she" the Sneasel is talking about is Ryoko, a former (A/N: I think) space pirate who rival is Ayeka.

Raichu: "Okay, careful."

Charmander: "Can I come with?"

Sneasel: "Okay, sure, whatever, let's go."

So they go out, and now see Ryoko and Ayeka fighting. So like them.

Ryoko: "Tenchi is, and will always be mine, get it?"

Ayeka: "No way! Lord Tenchi was meant to be MINE!!"

They start fighting, and blow up the yard.

Sneasel: "Um..........they just blew up the yard. I'll just go out into the yard that is left then!"

So she goes out into the "yard" not afraid or anything.

Charmander: "She's braver than me! No fair, and I'm of a higher rank!"(A/N: Charmander is CD #2 and Sneasel is CD #8)

Sneasel: "Hey you! Space pirate! Get down here and look at me!"

Ryoko: "I'm not a space pirate and what do you want, little person?"

Sneasel: "I want to fight you! If I win, you're stuck with me as a partner!"

Ryoko: *starts laughing* "You!? Beat me? In a million years!"

Sneasel: "What, are you afraid you'll get beaten by a kid? By me, Sneasel?"

Ryoko: "No, I'm not afraid. if you really want to fight let's start."

So they get into fighting stances, and start off easy on each other. Both just punching and kicking and flying in the air. 30 minutes later...

Ryoko: "You're stronger than I thought, Sneasel."

Sneasel: "And you're the first person to actually want to fight me, Ryoko."

So then they started using special attacks like energy beams, claw torpedoes (A/N: That's Sneasel's attack) and other things like that until 5 hours later....

Ryoko: "I' Not yet."

Sneasel: "Are you getting tired? I'm just warmed up."

Then, all of a sudden, Ryoko falls into the water, exhausted.

Sneasel: "Wow, I beat her. I bring her inside then."

They both go inside and Sneasel puts her on the couch.


The next day


Ryoko: "How did I get inside?"

Sneasel: "Last night, you fell in the water. I brought you inside. You lost the fight, you're stuck with me."

Ryoko: "Great. I'm jumping for joy."

Ayeka: "Sneasel, do you know someone named Charmander?"

Sneasel: "Yeah, why? She's on a tree right now."

Ayeka: "Bring her inside, now."

So Sneasel follows the princess's orders and drags Charmander inside the Masaki house.

Charmander: "SNEASEL!! Let go!!"

Ayeka: "What are you so scared about? You don't have to be."

Charmander: "..........nothing. Just Togetic."

Ayeka: *confused* "Right, so will you both stay now?"

Charmander and Sneasel: "Sure!"


Raichu: "Vaporeon, Butterfree, they will return soon."

Butterfree: "I'm gonna get Mihoshied!"

Vaporeon: "Just what we need, another Pidgeotto. Oh well."


Charmander isn't scared anymore! Next chapter, Kiyone and Mihoshi return from duty to find two waiting for them, and Kiyone doesn't take it well. Until then!