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A Summer Vacation Gone Wrong

By RaichuGirl

What went on in the last chapter: The group got to the dimension and Raichu remembered what had happened when she was in 4th grade.


Chapter 3: Charmander-Scaredy Cat Clinging to a Tree

So, after all of those "people" went inside, Sneasel talked to Raichu.

Sneasel: "Okay, so what happened two years ago?"

Raichu: "I came here somehow. It was a monster and that person took my power and I zapped her and ran away."

Sneasel: "Interesting. Well, who should we force to go out first? I say Charmander because she doesn't like it here."

Raichu: "Okay, then Charmander first then you, Butterfree and Vaporeon at the same time, then Donphan, then I'm last."

Sneasel: "But what about Ninetales?"

Raichu: "She will go before Donphan. Now, I'm going to sleep"

*the next day*

Raichu: "Now that everyone is awake......*sees Togetic half-asleep*....well, maybe not everyone, but Charmander is going out there."

Charmander: "What? I'm not getting off of this spot until..."

Then, one of the girls from the house walks outside and sits down near the lake. It just so happens to be Charmander's person.

Charmander: "Well, I'll reconsider now."

She quietly sneaks out of the forest and sits down next to the girl. The girl doesn't notice.

Charmander: "...mmm?"

Togetic: 'That's all wrong! You need to yell like this!'

*really loud*"HEY, WHY ARE YOU JUST STARING!?"

Charmander runs back into the forest and clings to a tree.

Charmander: "Not getting off this tree! Nope!"

The girl, ho just happens to be Ayeka turns toward Togetic, who also ran off.

Ayeka: "What?"

She goes back to just staring.

Togetic: "I helped you, didn't I? Huh, huh, huh, huh? I did, didn't I, right? Imeanallyouhadtodowasyellandshewouldturntoyouandthenyoucouldtalkand..."(A/N: Togetic said: "I mean all you had to do was yell and she would turn to you and then you could talk and..." Expect this often with translation.")

Charmander: "Togetic, shut up. You talk too fast. And you didn't help me at all!"

Togetic: "Oh, okay"

She runs off and Charmander unlatches from the tree.

Charmander: "Okay, I'm trying again."

She sneaked back over and sat down five feet away from Ayeka.

Togetic: 'You keep doing it wrong'

Charmander: 'Do not! I'm the slow type, okay'

Togetic: *really loud*"HEY PERSON, LOOK TO YOUR RIGHT!"

Ayeka: "Huh, who said that?"

She turns around......and sees nobody.

Ayeka: "I thought someone was there, like a friend or something."(A/N: OOC, I know.)

Charmander was clinging to the tree again.

Charmander: "TOGETIC! I said not to do that. Someone do something with her!"

Raichu ties Togetic to a tree.

Charmander: "One more time. Then I'll quit."

So, she goes out again.

Charmander: "..............hello?"

Ayeka: "What? Oh, hello. What's your name?"

Charmander: "It's..................Charmander."

Ayeka: "My name is..."

Then, Ayeka's little sister, Sasami, came out.

Sasami: "Ayeka, come inside! Hey who was that?"

Charmander had run back to the tree.

Ayeka: "Nobody, just.........nobody."

Raichu: "Sneasel? Do better than Charmander did with Ayeka, okay?"

Sneasel: "Yeah, sure! I'll get that space pirate!"


Everyone's favorite space pirate is in the next chapter, "Sneasel-A Battle Won"

Until I post again!


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