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A Summer Vacation Gone Wrong

By RaichuGirl

What happened last time: Basically, a portal was discovered and the Cool Dogs are going to find it.


Chapter 2: The Portal from Two Years Ago

When the group got back to the Digital World, they landed on the soft sand of the beach.

Butterfree: “Where is this portal, anyway?”

Sneasel: “Near the Misty Trees. It’s far from here, so let’s teleport.”

They teleport to the Misty Trees and find the portal.

Ninetales: “Well, that was easy.”

Raichu: “The hard part is the clicking.”

Totodile: “No it isn’t! You just click. Like this...”

She takes the mouse and clicks the blue dot. Nothing happened.

Raichu: “See, it is the hard part.”

As soon as she said that, the portal emitted a blue light and...


...everyone got sucked in! They fell into a forest near a lake. There was a nice house nearby.

Squirtle: “Thanks a lot, Totodile!”

Totodile: “But we’re here, I think...”

Sneasel: “Yes, we are. Place name: None of your beeswax!? Well, that’s what the computer says. Hey who’s that?”

They turn to see a girl standing near the edge of the lake. Another girl came out from the house, said something, and they both left. Someone else came out then.

Raichu: [She looks familiar...]

*flashback to two years ago*

Vaporeon: “Wow, we’re going to the computer lab!”

Raichu: “But why? We never go there.”

Pidgeotto: “We’re gonna have fun, that’s why!”

They got to the lab and sat next to each other.

Raichu: “Huh!? What a strange button...*click*AHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Vaporeon: “Raichu!”

Raichu: [Where am I? It’s so dark...]

She walks forward, and sees a monster attacking.

Raichu: [Wow, look at that!]

???: “Who’s there!? Hmmm...A little kid, huh? Well you shouldn’t be here! Wait...A strong power source is coming from that necklace! Give me that!”

Before she knew what was going on, the person grabbed her and took most of the energy from her necklace.

Raichu: [Hey! You’ll pay for that!] “RAI......CHUUUUUUUUU!”

She lets loose with a huge Thunder attack and fries the person. She then runs back to where she appeared and was back in the computer lab.

???: “You’ll pay for hurting the great Washu!”

*flashback over*

Vaporeon: “Earth to Raichu!”

Raichu: “What!? Oh, just you Vaporeon. I was thinking about what happened.”

Vaporeon: “Just now?”

Raichu: “No, two years ago.”

So, Raichu shocked Washu two years ago? Well they know each other, in a way. Raichu knows where they are, but won’t tell. So until next time, RaichuGirl signing off!


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